MozCamp Delhi 13.01

MozCamp Delhi finally took place on 19th January 2013 at Amity University, Noida. There had been a few hiccups when it was organized earlier but went as planned this time. This time, I got an opportunity to deliver a talk on Web Development fundamentals with a close friend of mine, Devesh Batra.

MozCamp DelhiWe planned to make this talk a bit more interactive, decided to concentrate more on demos and hands-on stuff. Starting on 13th January we started to plan things out. Taking action on what was decided earlier, I made a basic tile framework using dragdivscroll to act as a base for all our demos. Following the completion of the framework, we commenced with the demos. Within 3-4 days we were able to get all the demos running and ready to be presented at the event. Finally, the day was here. The stage was set and MozCamp started with talks on Open Source, GSoC and Mozilla.We decided to cover HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Jquery in the session. It started with a brief introduction to JavaScript landing on to the basics of HTML5. As the time passed, we noticed that the audience consisted more of first timers, hence it was decided to switch the concentration on demonstrating the power of HTML5 rather than hands on stuff. With inputs from the Mozilla Rep, Vikash Aggarwal, we were able to share as much information as we can and give the attendees a view of how the web technologies work. Although due to limitation of time we were not able to cover Jquery and much of CSS3 but we hope the session was beneficial to the attendees and they got a basic idea of how the modern web works.

The Demos can be found at . They consist a lot of bugs and most of the features work only on firefox with certain resolutions. If you think you can fix some bugs, then fork the repository and send in a pull request 🙂


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